A Year of Plone

by Matt Hamilton on Feb 15, 2012

Someone recently asked on a mailing list I am on about what sort of conferences they should attend as a web developer. Quite a few general ones were mentioned, then people started saying about getting along to the conferences for the tools and software that they particularly use. So I got thinking about what is coming up in 2012 for the Plone world... and once I started writing it down it turned out to be a pretty impressive list so thought I'd share it here. If anyone is in any doubt about the activity of the community, this is a pretty good demonstration. And this is just the events I know of, I'm sure there are others in far corners of the globe I've missed.

ARTSprInt ]a[ 2012

February 13th - 17th, Vienna Austria

This sprint is actually underway now. Topics include reoccurring events in Plone, Deco and plone.app.cmsui (which was born at the UI Sprint we hosted last year).

Die Plone Konferenz München 2012

February 22nd - 24th, Munich, Germany

This is the first German speaking Plone conference, organised by the Munich based Plone User Group, it has three days of conference talks, plus two days of sprinting afterwards. Most of the talks will be in German and focussing on case studies and practical business Plone talks although some talks will be in English (including two of the keynotes by myself and Elizabeth Leddy).

Cioppino Sprint 2012

March 22nd - 26th, Bodega Bay, California

Named after the famous fish stew from the area, this is the second Cioppino Sprint, and is focussing on Plone.org, documentation and related topics. Last year they did a fantastic job of merging the old Plone.net into Plone.org and gave a few sections on Plone.org some much needed love. This is a great sprint for those who want to get involved in the support information and structures that power our community.

World Plone Day 2012

April 25th, Worldwide

World Plone Day is a one-day event held simultaneously across the globe. Local users groups hold events in their local city to promote Plone and demonstrate it new and existing users. Last year events were held in cities from Albuquerque to Zurich and everywhere in between. If you are planning on running a World Plone Day event, then you can register your event at the link above.

Plone Open Gardens 2012

May 2nd - 4th, Sorrento Italy

Now in it's 6th year, the Plone Open Garden is a fantastic event set in the wonderful surroundings of Sorrento. This event takes the concept of an Open Space (or UnConference) and moves it outside into the sunshine. There is also a two day developer sprint afterwards. You get a combination of discussions in the garden with some of the best brains in the Plone world with amazing Italian cooking and coffee.

Plone Symposium East 2012

May 22nd - 23rd, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Plone Symposium East is now in its 5th year. Held at Penn State University it is organised by WebLion, the colleges web development team. It combines two days of talks, two days of pre-conference training and two days of post-conference sprints. This event has a high percentage of attendees from Universities and Colleges, so ideal if you work in that sector. State College also is the home to 'Grilled Stickies' and the Berkey Creamery which produces and serves amazing ice cream.

Plone Conference 2012

October 10th - 12th, Arnhem, Netherlands

This is the big one of the year. The annual Plone Conference is the biggest event in the Plone calendar and brings together over 300 people from over 30 countries together. This year Four Digits is organising the event, and from what I've seen so far it is going to be awesome. It is being held in the Musis Sacrum, home to Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra. There will be training beforehand and sprints afterwards. More information will be coming soon on this.

Oh... and don't forget the various Python conferences going on around the world as well. There is a full list at http://pycon.org/ and a lot of the Plone community will be attending them as well. The Plone Foundation is one of the sponsors of the largest, PyCon US which is 9th - 11th March in Santa Clara, California.

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