Buildout and Snow Leopard

by Adrian White on Sep 18, 2009
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I spent 3 days trying to get my development environment working again after upgrading to Snow Leopard.

Eventually, with help, I succeeded.

Upgrading was a disaster for my dev environment. I could no longer run buildout. I tried to use Florian's buildout for python on Snow Leopard but for some reason this would not work, python 2.5 and 2.6 would be built fine but 2.4 refused to play ball. After 2 days of battling on-and-off with it I admitted defeat and decided to do a fresh reinstall.

After doing the fresh install I did not do any setup of my mac until I had buildout working again - incase I had to go back to Leopard (which I nearly did).

Install Xcode (including 10.4 support to be on the safe side) I always reclaim my home directory and use that for all my development

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