Plone Snow Sprint Austria

by Astra Baker on Feb 19, 2004
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Joel Burton (front) and Matt Hamilton (back)

Stefan Holek -- Unit Testing for Zope

Mrs. Habisch, from Vorarlberger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, using Plone with a braille reader

It wasn't all work :)

Netsight continues its involvement with the Open Source community by attending the Plone development sprint in Austria.

The event took place in Schruns, Austria, between the 7th and 14th February 2004.

Like the Zope sprints that Netsight has previously been involved with, this event provided the opportunity to gather the leading Plone experts and programmers together to progress the development of the system in an intense and productive 7-day schedule. The event consisted mainly of programming in small groups interspersed with presentations from the group on developments within Plone and what they are doing with Plone in their organisations.

A press day was held during the week at which local press and politicians were invited to find out more about Plone and Open Source development in general and chat to the developers.

The event attracted over 50 delegates from around 12 countries. Netsight's technical director, Matt Hamilton, was there to write code (working on more flexible access control within Plone), and enjoy the snow (earning himself the nickname 'The Human Snowball' for his fearless, if dilettante, snowboarding technique).

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