Plone Brochure


Netsight has produced a brochure about Plone for use by the Plone community. This brochure is freely available for download from this page, including the original Adobe InDesign source files.

The brochure is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License which means you are free to share, remix and adapt the work provided the attribution at the bottom of the back cover is kept in place with a link to this web page, and that if you adapt or modify this brochure that you distribute it under the same (or compatible) license.

There is a space on the back of the brochure to put your own company contact details in (replace the Netsight ones).

The Top 10 Questions (page 7) and the Plone Features (page 3) were contributed by the Plone Community.


PDF version

Adobe InDesign Source Files

Printing Notes

The specification we went for when we had the brochures printed was:

  • Cover printed on 300gsm matte laminated with spot UV varnish on logo
  • The inside was printed on 200gsm ultra white silk stock with spot UV on certain images