Open Source software
more flexible
more stable
more cost effective
Software that you control not software that controls you. Find out how to achieve more for less with Open Source Software

Freedom from proprietary software

The world of commercial proprietary software is one where the vendor has total control.

Many of our clients engage us because they have become frustrated with this imbalance. They cannot adapt their software to changing business requirements, and do not believe that they are seeing a return on their investment.

We believe that Open Source offers a better way.

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An introduction to


—Powerful and highly extensible Open Source Content Management

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Agile Development

Building the right system

We use agile development methods to ensure the solution we deliver is the one that is actually needed.

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Our services

We craft elegant, efficient, reliable websites to give you a competitive advantage. We care passionately about our work, and the future of the Web - solving problems with great software and a range of integrated services.

Our clients engage us in a number of ways, which include:


Could your current website engage with your users more effectively? Do you think it could be performing better? Or have you got a plan for something completely new?

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Support and Training

Is your organisation getting the most out of your investment? Are the necessary resources available when you need them? Our expert support is available for the entire life of the project.

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Do you need to streamline processes and information flow within your organisation? Could your people be collaborating more efficiently?

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Managed Hosting

Do you need more flexibility for your hosting? We can provide a hosting environment completely tailored to your requirements.

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Plone & Zope Development

Are you already using, or considering using, Plone or Zope? Do you need help extending or customising it for your business requirements?

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Colocation/Network Services

Firewalls? VPNs? Load Balancers? We can deal with these things so that you don't have to.

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