Colocation and Network Services

Our colocation and managed hosting services provide the necessary flexibility and control for all of our work, creating a solid foundation upon which we build.

Netsight MCC sign

Most web design companies out-source their hosting, and often their entire technical infrastructure, to other companies. For the first few months of the life of our company, we did the same thing, but we were endlessly frustrated by the limitations imposed upon us by this approach. We quickly realised that we could do a better job. By providing a totally flexible hosting environment, we could provide our clients with exactly the service they needed, controlling every aspect from the specification of the hardware, to the configuration of the software, to the provision of bandwidth. If we didn’t like the way something worked, we could improve it. If something was unnecessarily complicated and expensive, we could simplify it.

We now own and operate a custom-designed datacentre, located a short distance from our offices in central Bristol. In fact, our datacentre is the only independent facility in Bristol, and one of only a handful across the whole South West of England. Due to popular demand, we make space in our facility available to a wide variety of companies who colocate servers with us. The primary goal of our facility, though, is to provide our clients with a hosting environment that is tailored completely to their requirements.

The understanding we have gained from operating our own datacentre has given us a level of technical expertise that is virtually unrivalled by other web design agencies.

The Broadband Media Exchange (BMEX)


Netsight Metropolitan Colocation Centre