Intranets and Extranets

The last decade has seen an explosion in the volume of business data. Most organisations look to their internal IT systems to better manage this data, and in doing so, reduce their costs, drive the gathering of business intelligence, foster collaboration and lower organisational complexity.

The responsibility for this goal is usually with the organisation's IT leaders, but as the problem has grown their responsibilities have stretched well beyond installing and maintaining familiar technologies, to planning and implementing systems which must adapt to rapidly changing business processes.

Experience shows that the view from the IT department can be radically different to that of the enterprise's users. Many organisations are struggling to find a solution that can be supported internally, yet provide enough functionality to meet a wide variety of business requirements. The solution can often be seen as procuring complex proprietary content and document management systems.

"I wouldn't say that I was frustrated with our old intranet. I would say that I just didn't use it"

But most users of these internal business systems are now fully accustomed to fast, lightweight, intuitive Web services - and find that big proprietary systems are not compatible with these expectations.

We address this problem in a different way, and approach the task of building an effective Intranet using many of the same disciplines that we use for building a successful Website.

The result of this is a flexible system that actively engages its users and fosters collaboration. Because we use open source software, the platform is fully standards-compliant and can be loosely or tightly integrated with a wide variety of other business systems.

What else can Plone offer?

  • Zero licence fees mean that more budget is available for customisation, so the system can do exactly what is needed
  • Zero licence fees also mean that new ideas or systems can be trialled on large (or undefined) userbases at low cost, without the risk of wasting licences
  • Plone can be integrated with a wide variety of industry-standard Enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP,, Oracle and SQL databases, and more
  • Granular security and workflow allows control of different areas to be limited to individuals, groups, or opened up for free collaboaration
  • Plone is a mature technology which was designed from the beginning to be secure and scalable. In fact, it has the best security track record of any major CMS (source: CVE)
  • We can offer comprehensive 24/7 support packages, or we can provide training for your IT team to support the system

Plone is an Open Source Content Management System which makes an excellent platform for a new generation of adaptable, engaging Intranets. Plone's level of flexibility allows for development and integration projects that are measured in weeks, not months or years.

  • ease and speed of use
  • promote open social interaction
  • allow working 'in the flow'
  • share collectively
  • aggregate information in context
  • cross-disciplinary collaboration

How does your current Intranet shape up?