What is Plone?

Plone is a mature, platform independent, Open Source Web Content Management System. Since its first release in 2001, Plone has grown to become one of the largest Open Source projects in the World, with thousands of active developers and a multitude of companies specialising in development and support.

Unlike proprietary commercial systems, Plone has a low cost of initial deployment, and much more predicable long-term costs. The overall TCO can be a fraction of the cost of comparable proprietary systems.

With Plone, users can start creating content in just a few minutes. It can be integrated with enterprise systems such as Active Directory, Salesforce and Oracle. As Plone is Open Source it enables flexibility not available with proprietary systems, and avoids the issues associated with vendor lock-in.

Now in its 5th major release, Plone has established itself alongside enterprise commercial systems as an ideal solution for intranets, document management and public websites for organisations as diverse as NASA, Oxfam, eBay, The University of Oxford, Warwickshire Police Force and Novell.

Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. Perfect for web sites or intranets, Plone offers superior security without sacrificing extensibility or ease of use.

Plone is among the top 2% of all open source projects worldwide, with 200 core developers and more than 300 solution providers in 57 countries. The project has been actively developed since 2001, is available in more than 40 languages, and has the best security track record of any major CMS. It is owned by the Plone Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, and is available for all major operating systems.


Why Plone is the right system

  • Great web interface which is user friendly and very powerful
  • Best security track record of any major CMS
  • Uses open standards and complies with accessibility guidelines
  • Fine-grained control of permissions and workflow
  • Highly extendible and customisable
  • Can be integrated with virtually any business system
  • Mature, stable, and protected by the not-for-profit Plone Foundation






Extra stuff

Plone is built on top of the open source application server Zope, and the accompanying Content Management Framework, which has thousands of developers around the world supporting it. Plone is ideal as an intranet server, as a document publishing system and as a groupware tool for collaboration between separately located entities. Together, Zope and Plone provide all of the necessary tools to integrate data and content from nearly any source into powerful, coherent and maintainable Web applications.

Also well as using Plone as the foundation for a complete system, we also work as Plone consultants on projects for a wide variety of organisations.


Plone provides an exceptional foundation for producing highly accessible websites, combined with industry-leading internationalisation support.

Previously, it has seemed that attractive design and good accessibility have been mutually exclusive. But as new standards are introduced and technology improves, especially browser support for CSS, there is no reason why your website cannot have outstanding design, excellent usability, and yet still be accessible by every type of web user - be it through a screen or Braille reader, or simply by supporting variable font sizes. For example, this website achieves the highest level of accessibility rating, yet maintains (we like to think) a high level of design quality.

Intelligent site design from Netsight will ensure that when your site is viewed through a different type of device from a conventional web browser, it will remain fully usable.

Amendments to the Disability Discrimination Act (in the UK) and Section 508 (in the USA) are powerful examples of new government initiatives to improve accessibility on the web - with the direct implication that certain levels of accessibility will be mandatory in the future. 

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