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empowering the business to communicate and share information effectively across the globe

Belron® is the world's largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, owning some of the best known brands in the industry including Carglass®, Autoglass®, O'Brien® and Safelite®. Belron employs more than 25,000 people working in 33 countries worldwide, replacing a piece of glass or repairing a windscreen somewhere in the world every three seconds.


Netsight were commissioned to build a global Intranet system for Belron® in 2007 which would allow effective dissemination and sharing of critical business information across the various global units and functions. In 2011 this was upgraded to take advantage of new features and capabilities in Plone 4, along with the many extensions provided by our intracore package.

This large-scale Intranet project had a main build duration of approximately six months, during which Netsight worked closely with Belron's appointed design and communication agency, Radley Yeldar, on both the interface design and information architecture.


Built on Plone 4 and intracore, a set of packages custom designed by Netsight, to create a completely bespoke information management system.

The system gives managers and staff within the business the power to communicate and share information effectively across the globe. By aggregating and organising a large volume of vital business data, the intranet provides a wealth of functionality to assist managers in the day-to-day running of a large multinational company.

  • Granular access control and a custom workflow combine to allow complete control over which users can view and contribute content to each section of the site - with different managers and administrators responsible for their own sections.
  • Social Media features, such as microblogging, forums, and blogs.
  • Mobile interface designed for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.
  • Automatic alerts notify users of new, relevant content on the intranet. Users can select the areas of the intranet they wish to watch and choose the frequency of the information they receive, onscreen and via email.
  • Personalised forums allow users to communicate effectively on a wide range of topics. Polls allow users to vote on a particular topic/question and managers can analyse such responses to refine the business processes.
  • Groups and Projects allow sub-sites to be created for particular working teams. Such sub-sites have complete control over access to content and functionality available to their members.
  • The advertising library provides a world overview of advertising activity within the business as well as allowing the Sales and Marketing community to search and listen to a large repository of previous radio and TV advertising material.
  • Numerous custom search modules make it easy for users to find the information they are looking for within different sections of the site; whether they want to locate a video, or a spreadsheet, or a colleagues contact details.
  • The integrated calendar provides an easy-to-use visual overview of corporate and team events over the coming months.
  • Many custom modules and extensions have been created for individual business units and working groups.
  • Multilingual content management allows fully customised versions of the Intranet in English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch.


Over nearly five years the Intranet has grown to become an indispensable corporate management tool, in constant use across the business. The system has been deployed to business units in 5 countries, with further rollouts planned.