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fully integrated, streamlined internal and public-facing systems bring about significant efficiency increases

Roskill Information Services is one of the world's leading providers of information on international metals and minerals markets. For almost 40 years the company has produced highly detailed, independently researched market information reports and databooks for corporate clients around the world.


Roskill's web-based systems (designed and developed by Netsight) fall into two categories; The public website which allows them to sell both hardcopy and electronic versions of their publications to clients in over 100 countries, and a sophisticated (and completely bespoke) extranet and record management system that allows their staff to manage the business, and their network of researchers around the world to share information and collate research whilst creating the reports.


Public Website

The Roskill site features an e-Commerce system that allows shopping in one of 3 currencies (GBP, EUR and USD which can be switched at any time). Customers can purchase whole reports (in paper or electronic format) or a selection of chapters from any number of reports. Once the customer has placed their order (managed through a web-based back-office system) they can download the electronic reports for a period of 72 hours. The site also offers "teaser" information to entice customers to register. All reports are fully text-indexed and a potential customer can search the entire body text of some 100+ detailed documents.

The public web site integrates extensively and is driven by the Sales Management System detailed below. Web-based management reports are available in the back-office system so Roskill can pull up any order and view the contents, produce PDF invoices, examine customer information etc. The site also includes a news publishing system allowing Roskill to publish news stories on a daily basis to the site.

Sales Management System and Extranet

The Roskill Sales Management System has been built to streamline Roskill's internal order fulfilment, marketing and customer management processes. The web-based system uses AJAX technologies to provide an efficient, responsive interface for the management of a wide range of sales data - pricing, customer information, order management etc.; as well as providing full management of the public web site content.

An additional marketing sub-system allows specific staff within the business to query internal customer and lead databases, creating a "basket" of potential customers for each marketing campaign. The system then allows the creation and sending of bulk email and external mail merge for postal campaigns.

The Roskill Extranet provides a central repository for text, PDF and spreadsheet data, providing up-to-date information on the metals and minerals markets, including news, pricing information etc. Much of the content of the site is lifted from print using an automated Xerox OCR document scanner. This information is uploaded automatically as a full-text indexed PDF to the system where the metadata can be added.

  • Full text/PDF indexing/searching of 25,000+ documents
  • User-friendly Plone interface
  • Integration with automatic document scanner
  • Remote FTP content upload
  • Automatic Link checking/management
  • Public/Private workflow to ensure quality of content

The Extranet workflow ensures that any new content is initially only visible to Roskill staff. This gives them the opportunity to add metadata, clean up the document and approve its contents before the document is made available to members of the site.

The automated LinkChecker functionality performs regular checks on the entire contents of the Extranet to ensure any hyperlinks in documents remain consistently valid.