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Netsight were selected to develop a Document and Content Management System and a number of public websites for Warwickshire Police. Working closely with their e-communications team and other relevant departments, Netsight have built a fully web-based system that helps them communicate with the public and stakeholders more effectively, streamline processes, and meet their obligations (under legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act).


The system is based on Plone, with extensive customisations by Netsight to modify and extend the available content types, workflow processes, with extensions to allow the editing and resubmission for approval of almost all content by a wide range of users (some of whom have customised interfaces tailored for their particular functions). Information is tagged with metadata under the publication scheme, approved by reviewers, and delivered using the integrated public websites.

The CMS controls a number of different websites, designed and built by Netsight, with each one created for specific audiences, ranging from journalists, to children and schools, through to victims of domestic abuse. Secure portals for special interest groups such as Neighbourhood Watch and Special Constables are also included. The range of sites operated by Warwickshire Police (and created by Netsight) continues to grow as the benefits of using e-communication in policing become more and more apparent.

In addition to the development of the software, Netsight are providing a fully customised Plone hosting, backup and maintenance service. During times of high-profile media attention, our custom-built managed hosting solution can be scaled as necessary, successfully serving well in excess of 30,000 hits per hour.


The core platform has been in continuous operation for over 6 years with only minor maintenance work.


  • Document and Content Management
  • WAI-AAA Accessibility Compliance
  • Secure Scalable Hosting
  • Logging and Audit