Want to save energy at Christmas via your Smartwatch?

Mike Isaacs

Yes we know you can walk over and switch off the Christmas Tree lights…….but where’s the fun in that? And what if you where enjoying the festivities sooo much you just plain forgot?

Internet of things Christmas tree

Netsight Senior Developer, Matt Sital-Singh, received some new gadget presents last Christmas and came up with a cunning plan to control his tree lights whenever and from wherever he chooses.

Using his new Smartwatch, a Raspberry Pi  and some Radio Frequency sockets from Energenie4u.co.uk, Matt built a neat little Webserver and hooked everything up. He now has fingertip control of the family festive spirit whenever the fancy takes him.

For that matter, anyone else given access to his home WiFi and the appropriate password can take over the system, freeing him up to take a good long nap after the Queens Speech.

From there, it is a simple matter to set things up to power up those Christmas Tree lights from anywhere in the world – even the Space Station if he can afford the fare. Now that would be a Christmas present to beat them all!

It’s all good fun of course, but let’s face it, some people really go for it and string thousands of lights across their entire house and garden at Christmas. Maybe Matt’s onto something after all?

Footnote: Matt has now followed up his original work and linked his porch light up to detect the proximity of his iPhone as he pulls into the drive. I wonder if it remembers to switch it back off again when he’s gone?

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