Information security

A focus on information security pervades all aspects of our work. As confirmed in our Information Security Management Policy, Netsight’s management and staff are strongly motivated to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets that we manage for our own business and on behalf of customers.

This focus has been consistent throughout the history of Netsight.  In the early years, our decision to use the Plone CMS as the basis for many of the sites we built was motivated by the fact that this Open Source content management system has a very strong security model and an excellent track record. Over the following years, our technical teams have actively engaged with the on-going development of Plone and have delivered a wide range of projects benefiting from Plone’s robust security features.

Regardless of which technologies are selected, our commitment to ensuring information security extends to all of the work that we do. Whether it’s our development team undertaking regular training in secure coding techniques and applying best practice across the entire development cycle, our systems admin team constantly monitoring and maintaining security across networks and server infrastructure, or our management and consultancy team actively developing and improving our ISO 27001 processes, we put information security at the heart of what we do.

Netsight's ISO 27001 certificate