Counterparty Link


B2B online application providing legal entity data to institutions worldwide

CounterpartyLink (CPL) is a financial-sector company providing specialist information and intelligence, via its legal entity database. Specifically, CPL offers large amounts of structured data and diverse documentation (including more than one million primary source evidence files) that serve as ‘know your customer’ (KYC) evidence for organisations that need to comply with stringent regulations. As a leading source of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) data, CPL actively compiles and adds hierarchy data to the identifiers and makes this authoritative information available online to its customers (including some of the most respected financial institutions and law enforcement agencies) around the world.
CPL had previously developed its own database internally (in start-up mode) and approached Netsight in 2011 when the company wanted to make its specialist data sets available on the internet using a variety of pay-per-access models. Although the company had in mind numerous extensions and options for their new public web site, a number of these options had not been fully specified (it wasn’t known what would work from the outset).
Counterparty Link

Netsight adopted an Agile approach to the initial development project, to guide the company through the process of monetising its data sets and building a highly secure B2B online strategy. Choosing Pyramid as the most appropriate technology, Netsight worked closely with CPL over four two-week cycles (20 man days per cycle) to deliver the core system.


Key aspects of the system functionality as initially delivered by Netsight include advanced search capabilities (based on Solr) and securely-managed access to information in multiple formats (customers can choose to access information in carefully coordinated PDF, XML and HTML presentations). Regular data transfers between the company’s internal ‘backend’ system and the public-facing website are carefully synchronised, with automated exception reports issued to ensure that any discrepancies in data sets can be promptly and reliably reconciled.

After launching the first version of their public-facing site in 2011, Netsight has worked regularly with CPL on further development projects to introduce enhanced functionality. As part of this on-going development work, Netsight has integrated into the website a range of new products (each with increasingly rich data sets, coordinated with the company’s back-end system) and helped the company improve the end-user experience by introducing a system of secure token-based authentication that facilitates interactions with other online systems.

Netsight provides dedicated managed hosting and ongoing support and maintenance for the live and staging CPL Online sites hosted within its ISO 27001 certified data centre. Based on its standard test-driven development methodology and automated code management system, Netsight ensures that all code is robustly tested and controlled at all stages of service development and delivery.