Marine Stewardship Council

Marine Stewardship Council

Data-rich websites for international ecolabel organisation

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organisation managing a highly respected sustainable seafood ecolabel and fishery certification program. With headquarters in London, MSC has offices around the world providing practical guidance and information in various languages about its standard for sustainable fishing.

When MSC approached Netsight in 2009, its main public website (previously developed by another agency) had content in English only. Although there were a few stand-alone microsites in other languages, with 10 content editors in geographically dispersed regional offices as those microsites grew the management of content became problematic. Support processes were poor, with the microsites diverging and becoming off-message.

MSC appointed Netsight to review its existing MSC websites, and we worked closely with key stakeholders in recommending improvements in multilingual functionality whilst creating a manageable workflow process.

Marine Stewardship Council

Netsight implemented a multilingual Content Management System toolkit (based on LinguaPlone) that gave MSC content editors the ability to translate any item of English content into any of the designated languages whilst retaining overall structure and adhering to workflow and permissions protocols. This required extensive work on internationalisation (i18n) / localisation (L10n) and custom extensions, including implementation of a management dashboard to oversee translation status and creation of a translate-in-place tool to facilitate rapid content translations. During this period, Netsight assumed responsibility for hosting the MSC sites and provided on-going maintenance support for the codebase that it had inherited.

Netsight has worked with MSC since 2009 on further development projects, using both Agile and Waterfall methods depending upon the nature of the work require and preferences of stakeholders. In addition to work related to multi-lingual functionality, we have also developed a mobile app to feature a searchable database of recent news articles and to facilitate finding certified seafood products locally.

We have also worked closely with MSC to integrate synchronised data feeds into a new website (launching Q1 2016) in ways that automate and coordinate the presentation of information used both internally and externally. As part of this project we created a mobile-compatible design with responsive implementation principles, so that display of content can be automatically adjusted to suit various screen dimensions. To improve resilience, we also re-architected the infrastructure upon which the MSC websites run:  both live and staging environments now use server clusters with real-time synchronisation and automated failover.

Netsight provides dedicated managed hosting and ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support for the live and staging MSC websites, hosted within our ISO 27001 certified data centre.