What we do

Our teams work with clients to design and deliver intranets, portals, websites and apps that solve big challenges. We combine technical excellence, agility and a total commitment to delivering what we promise into a well-tested, repeatable development process.

We have built up extensive experience of real-world scenarios and business cases, which enables us to build innovative solutions whilst managing risk. All of our development is carried out to an ISO 27001 accredited process.

Intranets, Extranets and Portals

Intranets, extranets and portals

A great intranet can literally transform an organisation; yet so many intranets and digital workplaces limp along as uninviting, cluttered messes. It is a shame that so many of the common intranet platforms seem designed to confuse and frustrate rather than inspire and reward. It doesn’t have to be this way. We build intranets using powerful Open Source software, which crucially allows them to be customised precisely for the way that each individual organisation needs to work. You can find out more about the intranet software we use here.

It may be that your organisation is unable to change the technology upon which your intranet is based. We can still help you get more out of your investment: our team is available as intranet consultants. We can analyse and benchmark the level of satisfaction and engagement being achieved by your intranet, and then make recommendations on practical ways to improve these levels. Contact us to find out more about our intranet consultancy services.

HSCIC Case Study
Case study


Unifying intranet and communications portal for a large and diverse public body

Websites and Web/Mobile Apps

Websites and web/mobile apps
There’s no denying that building a website or app in 2015 can be a complex business. There are a multitude of technology options and considerations, and innumerable devices and channels through which users can interact with you. The days are of course long gone when a website and email address were the only digital ‘touchpoints’ your company, organisation or brand needed.

But through all these changes, one thing has remained constant: the need to understand why people will interact with you. Get that right, and the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of technology will fall into place. For over a decade we’ve been digging into the ‘why’ and building systems that are inventive, efficient, elegant and always focused on the needs of the people who use them.

Link to MSC case study
Case study

Marine Stewardship Council

Data-rich websites and mobile app for international ecolabel organisation

technologyOrganisations today are driven to achieve more with fewer resources. Adaptability, rapid development cycles, and ease of integration with other systems are now primary considerations of successful technology projects.

Netsight’s expertise in secure, scalable, cost-effective Open Source technology is complemented by our experience integrating this with other software and systems. We understand how to make the right technologies work for you, and how to make it easy for users to forget about technology.

Whether you need Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easy for users to access an intranet from the office network, or you need to surface important documents or data held within disparate systems, Netsight can design and deliver solutions that meet your requirements and delight your users. We have deep expertise with a range of technologies, the majority of which are Python-based.

Find out more about some of the technologies we use by clicking the tabs above.

QuaiveQuaive is a smart collaboration platform designed to help maintain momentum and support ongoing change within dynamic organisations.

Quaive Social Intranet software delivers the tools and information your users actually need to get things done, alongside a seamlessly integrated social suite designed to strengthen internal communication, engage employees and build a sense of community. Quaive’s fully responsive interface provides a consistent user experience across desktop and mobile, enabling fast and easy access to key information resources, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Read more about Quaive Social Intranet software here: www.quaive.com

intraCORENetsight has developed intraCORE as a customisable package of modules for creating outstanding intranets, extranets and portals on top of the highly secure Open Source Plone CMS.

intraCORE allows organisations to benefit from a powerful out-of-the-box feature set combined with options for deep customisation where required. Because the entire system is based upon Open Source software, there are no per-user licence fees. This means that you can quickly scale up to include your entire userbase without worrying about escalating costs.

You can read more about intraCORE’s features here: www.intracore.com

PlonePlone is a stable and mature content management system technology, and among the top 2% of all Open Source projects worldwide, with over 200 core developers and more than 300 solution providers in 57 countries. Plone has been actively developed since 2001 and is available in more than 40 languages. It is owned and protected by the Plone Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, and is available for all major operating systems. Written in the Python programming language, it builds upon the object-oriented Zope application server, a highly secure platform that gives Plone a technological edge helping it attain the best security track record of any major CMS (source: CVE).

Netsight are acknowledged experts in the deployment, customisation and use of Plone and Zope. We have delivered more than 200 projects using the Plone CMS, making us probably the most experienced implementers of Plone-based systems in the UK.


Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It has a proven, secure, scalable architecture, emphasises easily maintainable and readable code, and as such has seen rapid adoption within the web development community.

Django takes care of authentication, site administration, caching, forms and much more right out of the box. Other common functionality is delivered by the various extensions that have been developed by the community. This enables our team to focus on meeting the exact requirements of clients without needing to reinvent the wheel.

NASA, The Guardian, and Mozilla are among a growing number of organisations that are using Django to deliver high-traffic public web sites.

Netsight’s developers have more than 10 years of combined experience with the Django framework, and have also contributed to the core software.

Pyramid Pyramid is a fast and lightweight Open Source Python web application development framework. It is suitable for the development of any size of application – from the small and trivial, to the large and complex, and everything in between. Pyramid is extremely flexible and its strong, experienced core development team ensures its stability within the Python software community.

Netsight has frequently leveraged the benefits of Pyramid in recent years, delivering business-critical web apps to customers.

Dropbox, O’Reilly Media, and SurveyMonkey (to name a few) also rely on Pyramid technology to deliver key online services.


Netsight frequently works alongside clients’ own deployments of Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory.

You may already have an installation of SharePoint that you are using for team sites, document management or other business processes. Our technical teams can implement solutions that integrate with SharePoint to deliver search and content listings within a complementary online portal. It is also possible to bulk-migrate content from SharePoint to other systems (if necessary).

We often integrate our intranet and business portal solutions with Active Directory – for contacts and centralised authentication – and offer complete Single Sign-on (SSO) support.

Our familiarity with Windows hosting environments and web services allows us to complement your existing systems and services, and effectively deliver ongoing enterprise-level support.