Who we are

We are creative and technical, agile yet process-driven. We are innovative but we won’t reinvent the wheel. We care passionately about our work, and the future of the Web – solving problems with great software and a range of integrated services.

We believe that small, expert teams are the best way to get things done. Better communication, less overhead, greater efficiency, more visibility. If you’ve got a big challenge, we’d love to talk to you.

UX / UI Team

Our User Experience and User Interface team works within our implementation of the User-Centred Design approach, which involves all of our teams as we progress through its stages. We analyse data collected from focus groups and surveys to develop a strategy, refine use cases and information architecture to define scope and structure, and work closely with clients to create wireframes and visual concepts. We then adopt a mobile-first approach to implementation ā€“ creating responsive themes optimised to work across a full range of devices, applying years of expertise in web browser compatibility testing. Our UX/UI team is dedicated to innovative yet pragmatic thinking and delivering effective and engaging online experiences.

Iain Claridge, Lead Designer & Head of UX

Iain Claridge

Lead Designer & Head of UX
Adrian White, UI Developer / Integrator

Adrian White

UI Developer / Integrator
Arno Blumer, UI Developer / Integrator

Arno Blumer

UI Developer / Integrator

Technical Development Team

Our development team works side-by-side with our UX/UI team to implement technical solutions based upon the outcomes of our User-Centred Design process. We generally follow test-driven development processes, which fit within our wider ISO27001-accredited approach to code development. This work covers all aspects of planning, implementation, integration, deployment and ongoing support and maintenance. Whether using Agile or Waterfall methods, our technical development team delivers to meet customer expectations.

Matt Sital-Singh, Senior Developer

Matt Sital-Singh

Senior Developer
Adam Forsythe-Cheasley, Developer

Adam Forsythe-Cheasley

Ben Cole, Developer

Ben Cole

Matt Russell, Developer

Matt Russell


Management and Consultancy Team

Our management team is an integral part of our development process, involved in client projects from start to finish. Generally our focus is on requirements analysis, strategy and scope, alongside of course the project management of the development and support work itself.

Intranet Consultants

We also devote a portion of our time to engagements other than our full design-and-build projects. Most notably, we work as consultants on intranet projects, analysing and benchmarking user satisfaction levels and using our experience to make recommendations to increase these levels. In many cases, relatively simple changes to the structure and functionality of an Intranet can make significant differences to user engagement levels. If you would like to talk to us about our consultancy services, please contact us.

Chris Green, Operations Director

Chris Green

Operations Director
Intranet Consultant
Ben Ackland, Projects Director

Ben Ackland

Projects Director
Intranet Consultant
Thom Bunting, Technical Project Manager

Thom Bunting

Technical Project Manager
Mike Isaacs, Senior Sales Manager

Mike Isaacs

Senior Sales Manager
Astra Baker, Business Development Manager

Astra Baker

Business DevelopmentĀ Manager

Infrastructure and Systems

Our systems team manages all aspects of Netsight’s infrastructure, ensuring that all works as expected across the company’s development, testing and production environments. This work includes management of networks and physical / virtual machines running in Netsight’s own data centre as well as technical support and guidance to customers and third-parties managing their own hosting arrangements.

Scott Hilleard

Scott Hilleard

Senior Systems Administrator
Isaac Prior

Isaac Prior

Systems Administrator

Our Data Centre

Netsight offers its customers the option to host their sites within our custom-designed ISO 27001 certified data centre. Our colocation and managed hosting services provide the necessary flexibility and control for a wide variety of projects, creating a solid foundation upon which we build.

From more than a decade of experience running our own data centre, we have a deep understanding of networking, hardware, software, and security for hosting everything from standalone physical servers through to load-balanced clusters of state-of-the-art hardware running large-scale VM platforms.

Whether customers decide to host their sites within our data centre or opt to host their sites on-premises, Netsight can provide its customers with expert guidance on everything related to hosting, scalability and platform architecture decisions.